Bringing the joy of Jazz to our community...


2019 marks the 16th anniversary of the SBVJF sending VocalPoint Jazz education teams into Santa Barbara county schools to share the

joy of jazz singing with young students.

We proudly count that in that time, over 5,000  area school children have experienced the fun, excitement and growth that America's greatest musical creation can bring!

This spring, we are happy to have scheduled

two elementary schools in Santa Barbara/Goleta - El Camino and Monte Vista - for participation

in our highly successful 7 week residency program, "Journey Through Jazz"

Monte Vista 5th Graders' dress rehearsal for their in-school performance, Spring '17

  Check it out! Documentary of El Camino School learning & performing "JTJ"  

Photos/Film by David Bazemore

© 2019 by the SBVJF. Proudly created with

"Hard Bop!" by Kim Collins

-performed by El Camino School-